From nothing to something, the overwhelming story and transformation of this cabin makes it a nice spot to bring the family for a nice quiet, relaxing vacation in Maine. 

From the Ground Up

The cabin was built in 1970 by Rob’s father and grandparents when there was no Lake Drive or Christmas Lane. They brought the materials across the lake by boat and cleared the lot by hand to start. Then they built Lake Drive to make it easier. The mason who built the stone fireplace for them did so by hand, using stones he spent over a year searching for and finding. He found them one by one within 20 miles of Guest Lodge. None were hewn but used just as they were found.

Transformation over Time

The Lodge was since renovated in 2013 and 2014, adding many improvements while carefully maintaining the cabin’s original simplicity and charm. There are families who have been coming to the Guest Lodge since the 70’s, with children who now return as adults with their families. The 81-acre lake, known by locals as ‘Staples Pond,’ was immediately dubbed Santa Claus Lake by Rob’s father upon seeing an aerial view. “It looks just like Santa with his pack on.”

Bring Your Family To This Peaceful Vacation Spot In Maine

Whether your great love is hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, antiquing, fishing, riding an antique steam train, renting a jet ski, or photographing the beautiful mountains, lakes and wildlife, the Franklin County area holds many interesting and fun things to see and do. Although many guests simply prefer to rest and enjoy the mesmerizing peace and quiet, wildlife and fishing or hiking right on this beautiful forest property, and only leave to go to Giffords’ for some ice cream. This is a the perfect off-the-grid spot for a vacation in Maine.

Guest Lodge
Useful Information

More Information and About The Guest Lodge

You will have the whole cabin and property to yourself, private access to the lake with swimming dock, and use of the canoe, row boat and enclosed outdoor shower.

We are only a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns. We also provide you with lots of information about the cabin and the surrounding area before you go, to help you plan your trip… and there is a big looseleaf notebook in the cabin, filled with brochures and info on area attractions.

The Lodge is at the end of a dirt road surrounded by woods on an 81-acre lake about 20 minutes drive from the nearest town (which is Farmington, a fun little college town). There are about 9 camps around the lake, but none within sight of the Lodge except for the cabin across the lake. The tap water in the cabin flows from the well and tastes like Poland Spring (which is not that far away).

You need a car to access the Guest Lodge and to get places. But you can also enjoy beautiful hikes through the woods right from the property. Nearest train is in Portland (2 hours drive) and nearest airport is Augusta (1 hour), then Portland (1 hour, 50 minutes) and then Bangor (2 hours), Manchester, NH (3 hours, 15 minutes), Boston Logan Airport (3 hours, 30 min).

There’s a charcoal grill on the back porch. There is no cable service in Temple, Maine, but we have a DVD player and VCR and two shelves full of movies to watch, as well as bookshelves filled with books, and some games and puzzles. The great room has a big, strong ceiling fan which is wonderful when the temperature rises, and keeps the heat circulating when the weather is cold as well. There is also an air-conditioner and an attic fan that helps keep the temperature down on those rare hot days in Maine, as well as two ceiling fans out on the back porch.

We are a seasonal property—open from Memorial Day through Thanksgiving and closed during the winter months. During the summer we rent only by the week (Saturday to Saturday), and in the fall we have a 3-night minimum.

Get Away from Your Everyday Life